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We have been manufacturing Lincoln trailers in our Sydney facility since 2013. This followed more than 25 years’ experience in marine industry.

Lincoln aluminium boat trailers represent a refreshing new solution to your boat trailer requirements. They answer both the need for a quality road vehicle that is designed and engineered to stand the test of time, and a trailer that offers safe, hassle-free and effortless powered launch and retrieval at the boat ramp.

We manufacture our trailers in Sydney from 6061 grade aluminium to ensure structural integrity and excellent corrosion resistance.  We use a fully bolted oversized aluminium I-beam construction. We do not weld our frames, as this can lead to premature structural failure. This is why modern aircraft are assembled using riveted construction, and not welding.

Your boat trailer needs to perform for you in several key areas.  As a road vehicle it needs to offer a strong, safe and secure road-berth for your boat. When you are at the ramp it needs to offer the most efficient, easiest and safest launch and retrieval experience in all conditions.

Our trailers offer the easiest and safest launch and retrieval experience that you can have. Avoid one of the most dangerous aspects of using your boat – the need to walk down a slippery boat ramp with surging waves to secure a winch strap to hand winch your boat onto the trailer!

Our aluminium boat trailers are manufactured to a standard, not a price!